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3 Things to Look for in a Cannabis Distributor

Whether you’re a cultivator or dispensary, it is crucial for you to only do business with a reputable cannabis distribution company. If you fail to do the proper research when vetting businesses, you could put your own business in jeopardy.

Since marijuana is still illegal under Federal guidelines, any cannabis business is at risk for falling under the Fed’s scrutiny. If the companies you rely on to operate your business aren’t following the law, any attention raised by them could also lead to your business. And along with it, a lot of trouble.

Here are the three major things to look for in a cannabis distributor.

Stays Within the Legal Guidelines & Regulations

It probably goes without saying that any business that you work with should follow the law. But with a cannabis-related business, it’s not only recommended, it’s required. Not only will this help to keep your business stays operational, but it will also help to prevent you from being under the Fed’s radar.

Any cannabis distributor in the State of California is required to hold a California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) license since sales are taxable. They also must only transport product with a legally-operated, manned vehicle that is equipped with an alarm system.

Follows Proper Distribution Channels and Assures Product Quality

In addition to transporting cannabis goods, a distributor also conducts other activities.

They are responsible for arranging the testing of the cannabis they transport to ensure its quality. A reputable cannabis distributor will acquire the services of a designated testing facility. They will test every batch of product they acquire from cultivators. If the cannabis goods fail testing, all the batch should be destroyed.

A cannabis distribution company is also responsible for ensuring that the product complies with all packaging and labeling requirements. Any failure to do this could result in fines and seizure of goods by the FDA.

Interested in a Genuine Partnership

Cultivators want to make sure that their product is continuously shelved at retailers. Dispensaries want to ensure that they have a steady supply of inventory to keep their customers happy.

The best way to guarantee both parties are satisfied is to work with a cannabis distributor who is interested in a long-term, genuine partnership. They’ll show interest in your business and express ideas on how they can help you succeed.

In addition to delivering a high-quality product, they will work to promote your business and ensure fresh and timely deliveries.

Finding a Reputable Cannabis Distributor

The first thing to remember is that the distributor you use should never try to cut corners. Under no circumstances should they try to get around the law or any local regulations, or it could mean bad news for your business too.

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